Handmade digital art prints. For excellent print quality, we use Canon's professional large format printer (ImagePROGRAF 1000 pigment ink). The paper sheets are acid free fine art museum quality A4, A3 and A2 size with a light satin matte finish (Brilliant Museun Satin Matte white). Photos are edited in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe photoshop. For more photos follow me on Flickr georgiou_fineart (Georgios Georgiou) or on instagram georgiou_fineart (Georgios Georgiou).

We should also add that all the printed photos are clearly superior to the ones we upload. This is because the full resolution of the photo is larger than what the page accepts. Those who buy art online, whether it's printed art photos or paintings, are already aware of this. The computer screen cannot be compared to the feeling we get when we observe and admire a work of art up close.

Artist's Note:

Regardless of color or size, each print (product) is limited to 30 pieces! 

This means that, not only formally but also legally, the number of copies of any product sold in the digital print category cannot exceed the 30 pieces!

This number can decrease BUT IT CANNOT increase! In this case it simply means that all previous buyers got a rarer Artwork!

So while there is no uniqueness in photographic prints like there is in art paintings, doing that we add an extra tone of rarity to each work.

All photos may be slightly edited before printing. This is done because we must have the best application of the image on the paper, leaving a small white and unprinted space around the perimeter.

This space will be for the signature but also for some additional information, which as I said will add a tone of rarity on each piece.

Prints in horizontal orientation (landscape) have a higher resolution than vertical (portrait), unless there is a special note in the description of each product (photo).

Each one of them will be signed and numbered.


Additionally, they will also be delivered with a certificate of authenticity and a handwritten thank you letter that will include some additional information.


Finally, WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COSTS, we can add to each print a small text or a quote of your choice in any language you want!

Two words which will make your Artwork even more unique, even more personal!

(e.g. to your beloved spouse, brother, father, mother etc.).

For more information send an e-mail to [email protected]

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Photography. Τhe little deer.

88.04 € incl tax

Ducks in a lake

Photography. Ducks on Kastoria Lake in a magical sunset.

76.88 € incl tax

Ducks in a lake

Photography. Ducks on Kastoria Lake in a magical sunset.

76.88 € incl tax

Ducks on a park

Photograph. Kastoria. Ducks on a walk.

76.88 € incl tax

Edessa Waterfall

Photography. A close up shot from Edessa's Waterfall.

65.72 € incl tax


Photography. Sun is trying to break the clouds.

76.88 € incl tax

Green Cactus

Photograph. Several green cacti.

54.56 € incl tax

Horses in the snowy valley

Photography. Plenty of horses graze in the snowy valley.

99.20 € incl tax

Kastoria's duck

Photography. A duck is swimming around in front of the city of Kastoria.

76.88 € incl tax


Photography. Lifeguard's small observatory.

76.88 € incl tax


Photography. Lifeguard's small observatory.

54.56 € incl tax

Macrophoto snail

Macrophotography. A small snail.

86.80 € incl tax
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