Handmade oil paintings on various surfaces and different sizes. Realism, but also other impressionistic depictions that will fascinate. Although each painting must be placed in a frame, all paintings are ready to decorate your space, as the wood on each canvas has been fitted with stainless steel galvanized wire to help you hang your purchased artwork anywhere you want. We have to note that we use some of the best and most lightfast paints in the world such as Old Holland, Talens Rembrandt, Schmincke Mussini and Windsor and Newton Artist on hand-prepared surfaces made of Cotton and Belgian or Italian linen.

Finally, let me add that all paintings are clearly superior to the samples and the photos we upload. Those who buy art online, either fine art prints or paintings, are already aware of that. The computer screen cannot be compared to the feeling we get when we observe and admire each respective work of art up close.

All paintings are unique and will be delivered with their certificate of authenticity and a handwritten thank you letter which will include some additional information about each work.


ΑΤΤΕΝΤΙΟΝ! Please, check regularly the photos of the oil paintings that are for sale!

As all painters go back to an old work to "tweak", "fix" and "fiddle" our painting, it is very likely that various minor changes will be made which will alter the final Artwork.

Sometimes it might be more obvious than others.

For this reason and if there is going to be any change, the photos of the oil paintings will be updated.


Price categories:


Series 1: Hand stretched linen canvas and prepared exclusively by me. Painted with premium quality AAA professional paints!

Series 2: AAA quality factory stretched cotton canvas! Second gesso preparation done exclusively by me. Painted with premium quality AAA professional paints!

Series 3: AA Quality Factory Stretch Cotton Canvas! Painted with premium quality professional AA paints!

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The lonely Fisherman (30 x 40 cm) (Series 3)

Oil painting. A lonely Fisherman tries to sell some fish.

84.00 € excl tax

The sailboat beyond the meadow (30 x 40 cm) (Series 3)

Oil painting. Beyond the colorful meadow, a white sailboat can be seen on the horizon.

84.00 € excl tax

The snowman (100 x 100 cm) (Series 2)

Oil painting. A father and his daughter are making a snowman.

580.00 € excl tax

The untamed steed (50 x 70cm) (Series 2)

A brown horse is grazing on a green meadow.

450.00 € excl tax

The wise fisherman and the sunset (70 x 100 cm) (Series 2)

Oil painting. Red, lilacs and yellows become one in this charming sunset.

399.00 € excl tax

Turquoise waters (30 x 40 cm) (Series 3)

Oil painting. A beautiful riverside cabin.

79.00 € excl tax

Worlds Collide (100 x 100 cm) (Series 2)

Oil painting. A Muslim woman as Ariadne awaits Theseus.

1200.00 € excl tax

Yellow flowers (24 x 30 cm) (Series 2)

Oil painting. Various yellow flowers on a green background.

79.00 € excl tax