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Autumn Landscape (50 x 70cm)

Watercolor. Yellows, reds and oranges dominate this autumn landscape.

180.80 € incl tax

Spring Landscape (50 x 70cm)

Watercolor. An impressionistic depiction of a colorful spring landscape.

180.80 € incl tax

Stone House (50 x 70cm) (Series 2)

Oil painting. A painting with a beautiful landscape.

395.50 € incl tax

The little church (50 x 70cm)

Watercolor. A different Vesper evening in this small church on the hill.

118.65 € incl tax

The two Huts (50 x 70cm)

Watercolor. A spring landscape with two riverside huts.

163.85 € incl tax

The wise fisherman and the sunset (70 x 100 cm) (Series 2)

Oil painting. Red, lilacs and yellows become one in this charming sunset.

450.87 € incl tax