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Sailing with the moon (50 x 70cm) (Series 3)

Oil painting. A painting with a small sailboat.

265.00 € excl tax

Sandy Beach (30 x 40 cm) (Series 3)

Oil painting. Two brothers just returned from a late night fishing.

84.00 € excl tax

Swans (50 x 70 cm) (Series 3)

Oil painting. A "wedge" of swans found refuge in this secluded lake.

190.00 € excl tax

The big mansion (30 x 40 cm) (Series 3)

Oil painting. A group of seaside houses disappearing in front of the large mansion.

84.00 € excl tax

The fisherman and the seagulls (30 x 40 cm) (Series 3)

Oil painting. While the seagulls are waiting for the perfect opportunity to grab what they can, our friend is trying to learn the art of fishing.

84.00 € excl tax

The lonely Fisherman (30 x 40 cm) (Series 3)

Oil painting. A lonely Fisherman tries to sell some fish.

84.00 € excl tax