Perhaps the most difficult medium but also the most misunderstood is that of watercolor. We hear watercolors and our mind goes back to... kindergarten! Here you will find various realistic landscapes as well as surrealist paintings with expressive impressionist touches. Fabriano Artistico rough or cold press papers 300gsm or 640gsm. The paints are all of excellent professional quality from schmincke artist horadam, windsor and newton professional artist quality, M. Graham artist quality and Royal Talens Rembrandt.

Finally, let me add that all paintings are clearly superior to the samples and the photos we upload. Those who buy art online, either fine art prints or paintings, are already aware of that. The computer screen cannot be compared to the feeling we get when we observe and admire each respective work of art up close.

All paintings are unique and will be delivered with their certificate of authenticity and a handwritten thank you letter which will include some additional information about each work.

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Autumn Landscape (50 x 70cm)

Watercolor. Yellows, reds and oranges dominate this autumn landscape.

160.00 € excl tax

British Warship (40 x 50 cm)

Watercolor. A depiction of a British Sailing Warship.

110.00 € excl tax

Hot air Balloons (50 x 70cm)

Watercolor. Two colorful hot air balloons started to travel the world.

160.00 € excl tax

My friend (30 x 40 cm)

Watercolor. Waiting for my best friend.

62.00 € excl tax

New World (50 x 70cm)

Watercolo. Sailing for the New World

125.00 € excl tax

Northern Lights (50 x 70cm)

Watercolor. An impressionistic depiction of the Northern Lights.

160.00 € excl tax

Peace or war? (50 x 70 cm)

Watercolor. Peace or war? 2 war ships are driven towards a different dawn. The question is who is leading them...

350.00 € excl tax

Sea-beaten sailboat (50 x 70cm)

Watercolor. A rough sea and an approaching storm frighten the crew of this Sea-beaten Sailboat.

350.00 € excl tax

Spring Landscape (50 x 70cm)

Watercolor. An impressionistic depiction of a colorful spring landscape.

160.00 € excl tax

Sunset (100 x 150 cm)

Mixed Media. A boat sails towards the sunset.

1500.00 € excl tax

The Battle of Salamis (50 x 70 cm)

Mixed Media. A reenactment of the Battle of Salamis!

350.00 € excl tax

The little church (50 x 70cm)

Watercolor. A different Vesper evening in this small church on the hill.

105.00 € excl tax